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Career happiness strategy session

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You're ready for a change, and you want to ensure your next career move is one you’ll love, so you can reclaim a sense of achievement, excitement and professional growth.

But you’re not quite sure how to make that happen. You just know you want to stop feeling frustrated, uninspired or stuck in your current career pattern.

Let’s devise a strategy together.


Book a 60-minute Career Happiness Strategy Session to find out what needs to change and how to make that change happen, so you can stop stressing about work and start rediscovering happiness and passion in your career.


In our session, you’ll gain clarity on:

  • What’s working for you and what you'd love to do more of in your career

  • What needs to change NOW for your happiness and health

  • The best next steps on how to make that change happen

Best of all, you'll walk away satisfied that you’ve begun to explore options for your next move.


Schedule your 60-minute session below ($250), conducted via video-chat or audio depending on your preference.


As you book your call, you’ll fill out a brief intake form to help paint a picture of your current situation, goals and challenges. All answers will be kept confidential, and may serve as a springboard for deeper discussion. After I review your responses, you will be contacted via email to confirm your appointment.


Spots are limited and fill up fast! Book your session now.

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