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Join the free 3-Day

Nov. 23-25
Give Thanks, and Jump Start a Happier Career 
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Join Career Happiness Coach Anne Genduso in a free 3-day challenge held Nov. 23-25 to give thanks and jump start a happier career.


The challenge will be hosted in our private Facebook page and will include:

  • Three step-by-step videos to begin identifying what needs to change NOW, so you can stop feeling uninspired and stressing about work and start waking up excited about your career.

  • One journal prompt each day focusing on cherishing particular moments you've experienced to help gain clarity on your personal foundation for a more fulfilling career, including your values, approach to challenges and self-confidence.

  • BONUS: At the end of the challenge, one random participant will be chosen to win a 2021 Career Happiness Planning session with Anne ($250 value)!

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Anne Genduso is a certified career coach and a member of the International Coach Federation. Her Career Happiness Mapping program leverages scientifically-proven strategies to help high-powered women rediscover happiness and passion in their careers, so Monday becomes their favorite day of the week.

When I was in my corporate job, I would start getting a pit in my stomach Sunday afternoons, because that meant I only had a few more hours left before I’d have to make a long commute, and the onslaught of emails, requests and tight deadlines from never-satisfied executives would start rolling in.

I could never accomplish enough, and it was slowly suctioning out my happiness.  

Now, instead of jumping out of my skin with worry on Sundays, I get antsy with excitement because I can’t wait to start work Monday morning!

It may seem daunting, but it’s absolutely possible to rediscover career happiness. The key lies in leveraging proven strategies through an 8-step system to map a happier career path that’s perfectly suited to you.

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Anne Genduso


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