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about coaching

Coaching can help deepen your learning about yourself and make lasting behavior change – whether in your career, your relationships or your personal growth and development.


Coaching is built on the principle that you are competent, creative, resourceful and capable, and that only you are the expert on your own life. You’re the author, designer, CEO, architect and builder of your life, and you contain all the answers within yourself.


You are in the driver’s seat. And as with any journey toward lasting change, there are no shortcuts, and it won’t happen overnight. With coaching, you get the most out of what you put into it, and a lot of the work happens in between sessions.


As your coach, my role is to guide you in discovering your values, priorities, talents and strengths, and determine the goals you want to tackle to create a fulfilling life. We’ll explore all your options, so you can choose your direction, create a plan to put into action and start building your best life.


Together, we’ll dream big and crush goals.

coaching vs. therapy

While coaching draws upon principles from positive psychology and applied behavioral change, coaching is not therapy. Coaches don’t diagnose, treat, give you advice or tell you what path to take.


Therapy may explore past circumstances leading up to this point in your life to help you get a better understanding of why you are the way you are. Coaching explores you as you are right now in this moment and helps you focus on what’s next.

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