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MPWR Services presents the

Cultivating transformative women leaders in the modern era

You like to look at the big picture, find ways to increase efficiencies and create innovative strategies for the greater good. You want to mentor others and draw out their natural strengths and talents so they succeed. And now, you're ready to level up your leadership skills so you can share your counsel, move up the ladder and make even more of an impact — in your company, in your community and in the world. 


You want to BE the change.


You've seen great leaders: The ones who inspire, motivate and rally individuals around a common purpose to create growth and positive change


You've probably also experienced some less-than-stellar leaders. Maybe they enabled a culture of fear, competition, micro-management or constant criticism to try to keep people in line. Their tactics felt wrong, unfair and unethical, and they weren't effective. You know you don't want to be a leader like that.

The world needs better leaders, and you can be one of them. 

But how do you go about making that happen?

Join the Modern Leaders Series to avoid making poor leadership mistakes, and become the successful, service-oriented leader you've always dreamed of being.

The MODERN Leaders Series

Growth, community and accountability

Join a curated group of successful women for a series of leadership development coaching and discussion workshops held monthly. You'll learn the modern mindsets and skills necessary for transformative leadership, the challenges leaders will face in the next decade, how to tackle real-life challenges you're facing, and more.

Each session will be member-centric, with a topic-based discussion, support for immediate and ongoing leadership challenges and time for each person to share.


Successful participants have a development mindset, are serious about taking inspired action, and understand the power of community as a catalyst for growth. 

    Learn best practices.  Develop your leadership skills and cultivate your own authentic style while putting them into practice at work.

    Expand your network. Surround yourself with a close-knit community of goal-oriented, professional women who are just as committed to their vision of leadership development as you are.

    See the big picture. Step outside your personal worldview (which might have some pesky blind spots), and get different perspectives on your challenges from smart women leaders.

    Create healthy career habits. Normalize making big decisions and having boundaries-based conversations (even if they seem scary), which can have a big impact on your leadership growth.

    Get to your goals faster. Hold yourself accountable to your career goals so you have a greater chance of achieving them instead of putting them off.

What’s Included:

  • Monthly 90-minute Zoom sessions containing a mix of leadership coaching, strategy, and peer support to tackle real-world challenges (6 months).

  • Private online forum (Slack channel) to network, connect and tackle fast-moving challenges that arise in between workshop sessions.

  • Group-specific tools for goal setting, activation, tracking and accountability to record progress toward your goals.


  • Maximum 4 total participants per group, so everyone has space to share and gain support.


  • A kick-off meet & greet to mix, mingle and get to know your fellow leaders before we dig in to do the real work!

  • 2 bonus webinars featuring special industry guest speakers


Jan. - People-First vs. Profit-First Leadership

Feb. - Motivation Matters: Tools to Increase Satisfaction, Performance & Retention

March - Setting Boundaries to Prevent Burnout & Increase Engagement

BONUS:  Cultivating Connection in a Hybrid World, featuring guest speaker Leslie Nydick, The Conflict Strategist

April - Trends & Challenges Facing Modern Leaders through 2030


May - Navigating Tough Conversations in the Workplace


June - Embracing Pay Transparency for Better Business Outcomes


BONUS:  Incorporating Inclusivity in the Workplace, guest speaker(s) TBD

NOTE: Sessions are held the fourth Monday each month, with time placeholder for registration purposes only. The specific times for sessions will be determined collectively by the group members upon close of enrollment to best accommodate schedules. 

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  • $2,099 


Let's Do This.

You have so much to offer as a compassionate leader, and people need your guidance now more than ever. It's time to get to work, so you can start creating transformative change.



Certified Executive & Career Coach

Anne Genduso


Anne Genduso is a certified executive coach and career coach for women leaders. She empowers clients to voice their value, increase their salaries and level up their leadership skills so they can make more of an impact – without sacrificing work/life balance. Her expertise has been featured in The New York Times, Business Insider, HuffPost, and LinkedIn News.


As a celebrated coach since 2018, Anne has helped hundreds of women leaders grow and thrive in their careers. Her clients have landed life-changing promotions, 15%+ raises, $20,000+ annual salary increases and raving leadership reviews at corporations, nonprofits, government agencies, and start-ups alike.

Previously, Anne spent 16 years counseling some of the nation's leading corporate and nonprofit executives on integrated communications strategies. As a consultant, she helped clients uncover what they really wanted and find creative ways to solve their problems. As a leader, she coached staff to set bold goals, develop their natural strengths and stretch their talents in new ways. 

Anne serves as an expert leadership coach for Women in Government Relations and is a member of the International Coaching Federation. She is credentialed by the Certified Coaches Alliance and holds a BA degree in Mass Communications/Journalism from St. John Fisher College.

"Anne is a terrific partner and collaborator in helping her clients visualize and realize their potential. Anne truly listens to you and has that unique ability to make you feel heard while guiding you with helpful suggestions."
-Maureen S.
"Anne actively listens and has the unique ability to draw out your strengths and helps you find ways to use those to your advantage."
-Jean Q.

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