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career happiness.

As a certified career coach, I help high-powered women like you rediscover happiness and passion in their careers.


Through individual and group career coaching by telephone or video chat, we will uncover what it means for you to work in an inspired, balanced and purpose-driven career. You’ll gain clarity about your wishes and confidence in your actions. You’ll begin honoring your values. You’ll unlock the power in saying “no” to things getting in the way of your dreams. You'll learn how to bust through burnout and flourish through change.


Our work together will include:



Through powerful introspection, we’ll examine your unique strengths, motivations, values and priorities.



We’ll dream big, examine all your options, visualize what success looks like and create goals to use as the North Star in your journey.



How do you go from envisioning goals to making them a reality? We’ll put pen to paper and create actions to reach your goals against an achievable timeline.



As you put your plans into action, I’ll be your accountability buddy to help you stay on track, celebrate successes and learn from challenges along the way.

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